5 Benefits of Owning an Elliptical Trainer

If you are considering home exercise equipment for getting in shape and losing weight, one of the smartest buys is an elliptical trainer.  Elliptical trainers came on the scene just over 10 years and since then they have grown significantly in popularity.  In fact, they are second in sales to the venerable treadmill.  There are a number of reasons why people are making ellipticals the machine of their choice…Low Impact Workout

With an elliptical trainer there is minimal impact due to the fact your lower body moves in an elliptical motion and never leaves the pedals.  This is in comparison to running on a treadmill, where with every step you are impacting the deck.  In fact, runners can impact the surface at two and half times their body weight.  Consequently, with an elliptical trainer there is less strain to your ankles, knees and lower back.  That is one of the primarily reasons elliptical trainers are popular with baby boomers, who maybe suffering from years of physical activity.  Or from individuals that have injuries to their joints.

Dual Body Workout

Another unique feature of an elliptical trainer is that you can simultaneously exercise both your upper and lower body.  An elliptical trainer allows you to distribute the resistance, thereby targeting more muscle groups between both halves of your body.  Furthermore, you can change up your elliptical motion from forward to reverse, targeting in more muscles.  And if you get an elliptical trainer with an incline feature you can target further muscles.

More Efficient Calorie Burn

Studies have suggested that due to the low impact, dual motion workout of an elliptical trainer, your perceived exertion level is lower.  In other words, you are exercising harder and burning more calories and not realizing it.  This is based on the reduction of impact to your body and the distribution of exercise to more muscle groups.

Exercising in the Convenience of Your Home

An obvious benefit of owning an elliptical trainer is that you can work out in the convenience of your home.  You don’t have to either travel to a health club or base your exercise on the outdoor conditions.  And when exercising is more convenient, you are more likely to work out.  I personally prefer to exercise first thing in the morning, and I enjoy the fact that I can get out of bed and shortly afterwards be on my elliptical.  I spend more time exercising and less time getting to where I need to exercise.

Guilt Trip

When you purchase your own elliptical trainer you feel guilty if you do not use it.  It is there as a constant reminder that you spent all that money and you should be utilizing it to burn calories and get into shape.

Not too many years ago when you went to a health club you would seen numerous treadmills and a couple of elliptical trainers.  These days the numbers tend to be more even.  The benefits of an elliptical trainer are obvious and the growing sales are evident of their appeal.