5 Ways To Get Rid Of Joints Pain Without Popping Pills

Its a horrible feeling to have aching joints. Some days you wake up and dont want to move because everything hurts. It will eventually happen to everyone. Theres hundreds of reasons why you get sore joints, but the way to get rid of them will always be the same. If you really wanted to go to the doctors Im sure he would give you medication. It definitely works and you would be more conformable, but not everyone wants to pop pills at the first sign of pain. Theres other more natural ways that can still relieve your pain without filling your body with pharmaceuticals. Do you want to know what they are?
Go to bed earlySometimes all you need is a little rest. Let your joints have a chance to rest and have a nice long sleep. This is even better for the people who love staying in bed for as long as possible. It gives you a great excuse when theres work to be done, but theres no point in doing anything if youre going to be in pain. Your body will repair itself when you are in the deep stages of sleep. You never know, you could wake up and feel completely fine.

Supplement with vitamin D

Lots of people complain about having joint pain and they are usually suffering from a vitamin D deficiency. When you are exposed to sunlight the body can convert it into vitamin D, but therein lies the problem. If you dont live somewhere thats sunny you might not be getting enough. Theres usually a lot more people suffer from joint pain during winter and its because they never see sunlight. The only way you can combat this is by taking supplements. Follow the instructions on the bottle and you should be fine.

Do some cardio

Do some cardiovascular exercises, but be sure to stay away from high-impact ones. That means running is definitely out. You want something that doesnt make your pain worse. Just something to let the joints loosen off. Great exercises could include cycling, swimming, or yoga. You obviously want to take it easy until you know you can manage it OK. Even if you do something 3 times per week it should reduce your physical discomfort.

Jump in a warm bath

Heat is a great way to relax your muscles and nothing is better than jumping in a hot bath. Its even better if you can find a hot-tub because you wont want to get out. Another great thing you can use is Epsom salt, but you will have to do this in your own bath. The health club might get a little annoyed if you start putting stuff in their hot-tub. You dont want to be banned. The Epsom salt acts as a muscle relaxant and will help take any pain away. Just fill up the bath as hot as you can possibly stand it and put two scoopfuls in.

Start eating the proper food

You want to start removing the toxins from your body and reducing any inflammation. A great way to do that is by eating mineral rich foods. Im sure most people could change their diets because its not like theyre great. You dont want to be eating red meat in large quantities. Or anything for that matter that contains high amounts of saturated fat. Eat a lot more vegetables if you arent at the moment. A good way to do this is by filling half your plate with veg. Once your liver starts working better when the toxins are cleared your chances of muscle inflammation will also go down.

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Ollie Lowsley is an avid blogger who writes about sports health and exercise. He recommends hip joint replacement for those suffering from severe arthritis pain which limits their regular activities.