A Healthy Body Through Disciplined Diet and Exercise

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Healthy-BodyMany people want to have a healthy body. In fact, a healthy body is considered as an asset because it allows persons to perform their everyday functions well. And to have a healthy body, it is of common knowledge that you must have a good diet and proper exercise. However, the problem is how to maintain the will power to exercise and to diet through self-discipline.

Diet can be defined as the total amount of food consumed by a person. Most of the time, persons adopt a method of diet based on the nutritional value that they seek to acquire. Such method of diet is called nutritional diet. There are a lot of popular nutritional diets. You can choose a nutritional based on the recommendation of your doctor or nutritionists or based on what you want to accomplish through your diet.

Meanwhile, exercise is commonly associated with any bodily movement that improves one’s physical well-being. Exercise can be done in many ways. One can engage in physical sports, in order to have fun and at the same time exercise. Actually, the simple act of walking is considered as an exercise. So if you can walk to a point of destination that you want to go to then do so instead of using a car. Just like a nutritional diet, exercise is taken based on the recommendation of your doctor or based on what you want to accomplish through your exercise.

Both exercise and diet are key components to a good health. You must have a strong will and sufficient self-discipline in order to maintain your nutritional diet patterns and exercise schedule. Otherwise, you would be just like others who aspire to have a healthy body and knows how to have it but just cannot do it because of lack of will power and self-discipline.

Will power and self-discipline can be developed by breaking old habits. You must first realize that an old habit is preventing you from achieving a healthy body. These old habits might include smoking, procrastinating, and drinking liquor. After such realization, you must try hard to stop such old habit and put into practice your nutritional diet pattern and exercise schedule. If repeatedly done, you will be able to break free from the old habit and adopt a new healthy habit.

Having a healthy body is not an easy task. It requires hard work, general knowledge on nutrition, patience, and perseverance. But with good diet and proper exercise together with self-discipline, you can achieve the healthy body that you want.

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  1. Lee

    09/23/2012, 08:37 pm

    Hi I suppose for me the diet, exercise thing isn’t to bad. As I love sports and working out. So if I have been over indulging a bit I just workout a bit harder to keep it in check. Unfortunately this is not the case for most people.
    Great points thanks lee

  2. andrew

    09/27/2012, 05:47 am

    Loosing weight is an easy yet a hard task. It’s a monotonous and sacrificial thing to do. Even the decision to loose weight isn’t done overnight. Sometimes this decision would arise after some circumstances affect one’s personality or traits. Hence, loosing weight is not an act possible a day after, it’s a very strenuous job that doesn’t only require your physical preparedness but also your emotional and mental aspects.

    But that’s 100 years ago. Nowadays, you can get sexy and get ripped with just a couple of days. I have eating special food and i don’t have any regrets on buying them. Little by little, it’s been helping me to get ripped abs.

  3. Jenny

    09/28/2012, 12:38 pm

    I take a nutritious diet for a healthy body. Today people are more crazy about joining gym for keeping themselves fit and active. But I prefer fast walking for atleast 20 to 30 minutes everyday as an exercise.

  4. James

    04/01/2013, 08:09 pm

    I’ve always found for me exercise required far less self discipline than eating healthy. Finding time to get a good physical workout in is pretty simple, but when it comes to eating well and maintaining a healthy diet every day it becomes very difficult. The only way to make sure you know what your putting in your body is to cook every meal yourself, and that really is what I find you need the most discipline for. It’s hard to say no to a splurge meal at least a few times a week! It’s something I’ve been trying to work on for quite some time! Alas one day I’ll figure it out!!


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