Are Moringa Benefits Just Hype?

For the natural born skeptics, new products on the market are often met with a cautioned and often jaded distance.  The moringa tree and its many beneficial bi-products have been thrown into the spotlight, sometimes touted as a superfood, other times a miracle cure, and almost always as the latest and greatest health product.

Is it all just hype?

To be truthful, the moringa products and supplements are a fast growing segment, which have been marketed, advertised and promoted under many different angles.  As a health care supplement, natural skin care product or dietary component, the moringa appears to be able to do it all.  While there certainly is a lot of hype around it, that shouldnt undermine the factual benefits that are derived from the humble moringa tree.

Nutrition: True or False?

All the stories about the leaves of the moringa being a superfood have actual merit.  Moringa oleifera is indeed packed with nutritional value, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibre and antioxidants.  Granted, all plant based foods, such as fruits and vegetables contain several nutritional components.

The difference with the moringa leaf is that the concentration of these nutrients is much higher than typically found in other foods.  So yes, that does make it a super food.

In areas of high poverty around the world, the moringa leaf is actually used as a nutritional supplement to help maintain daily nutrient requirements for health and development.  Much like North Americans may take a manufactured daily vitamin to ensure the body is getting its daily requirement of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, moringa oleifera is offered in the same way.

For countries that dont have access to a large and varied food source, the moringa leaf is a powerful nutritional supplement.  Even in well developed countries, the moringa makes a great supplement, providing a large portion of the nutrients the body needs to function at its best.  Of-course, this certainly doesnt mean you should substitute a well balanced diet for moringa, but you could indeed use it the way you would a multi-vitamin supplement.

A Natural Skin Care Product Too?

It stands to reason that foods which are good for your inside are also good for your outside.  Yes, the hype about beauty and skin care products made from various parts of the moringa tree are true.  The moringa contains natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.  This makes it particularly effective on certain skin conditions, such as acne or rosacea.

The high level of antioxidants along with vitamins such as A and C, phytochemicals and minerals make moringa a natural anti-aging ingredient.  On a holistic level, it provides the skin, hair and nails with proper nutrition to encourage the repair of damaged tissue, stimulate cell regeneration and maintain softness and elasticity.

Is Moringa a Miracle Cure All?

While much of the hype about the benefits of moringa are based on accurate, factual information, it is not a miracle plant that cures everything.  For the most part, the human body has the ability to care for itself, as long as it is kept in optimal health.

What moringa does is give the body many of the essential tools it needs to perform at its peak, thereby allowing the body to fight off illness, disease, malnutrition, chronic fatigue and aging, just to name a few.  Different parts of the plant can be used for different purposes, from nutritional supplements to topical lotions.

In fact, the moringa is one of the few things in nature where every single part of it, from seeds to bark, can be utilized and offers a benefit to humans.  That may not be a miracle, but it definitely is rare and understandably worthy of the hype it receives.