Gardening: A Healthy Hobby for the Elderly

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Mankind have been associated with gardening for ages. Gardening is the practice of growing ornamental plants, herbs, flowering plants, vegetables, etc. typically in the front and/or backyard of a house or any other type of natural location. Although no one has given much thought about it before but a recent research conducted by the University of Loughborough have thrown light on the good effects of gardening on both the physical and mental health of people especially who are aged above 50.

Adults who are above 50 are more vulnerable to psychological and physical ailments that happens because of several factors. Physical weakening occurs because of the obvious effects of aging where as mental ailments occur because of the effects of loneliness, anxiety, depression, tension, etc. Again aged people are also deprived of the regular physical activity which is required to stay fit. Gardening has proved to improve both the physical and psychological condition of the aged people. It gives the mental pleasure along with appropriate amount of physical activity required to stay fit. Below is a description of how gardening works to improve your physical and mental health.

How gardening works?


  • • Promotes mental fitness: Gardening can provide the mental bliss that one requires to stay healthy. Psychological fitness promotes better physical health and increases immunity required for fighting diseases. Research and scientific studies have proved that gardening can reduce anxiety and depression, which are the most common forms of mental ailments among the elderly. When one starts to practice gardening, he/she gets involved with it and gets a break from the various personal problems and professional problems that are responsible for causing mental anxiety.
  • • Makes one physically strong: Gardening involves a good amount of physical activity and is therefore a great tool for obesity which a major problem among the senior citizens. It also helps in burning a good amount of calories, is a good exercise for the heart, and also helps in improving metabolism rate. 30 to 40 minutes of gardening regularly is recommended if one wish to experience the benefits associated with it.

Gardening is one of the best natural remedy that can help you in fighting the health problems associated with old age and dementia. With the appropriate amount of physical activity and psychological happiness, gardening can provide the health and fitness a person requires to stay fit. Along with that you also have the benefit of growing vegetables, flowers, fruits, and herbs in your own lawn which you can use or consume for free. The effects of gardening is rejuvenating for the elderly and thus it is one of the best health tip one can provide to their near and dear ones.

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