GreenSmoke Electronic Cigarette Review

GreenSmoke® Inc, Was founded to help smokers with an exciting new alternatives to traditional cigarettes.
The greensmoke electronic cigarette provides you with the look and feel of ordinary cigarette, but it runs on a rechargeable battery, there is no need to light up your cigarette. Users of greensmoke e-cig inhale nicotine and a full bodied flavoring via a vapor which is similar to a typical or traditional cigarette but leaves no ash or mess.

Why do I Need Greensmoke?If you ask similar questions, well there are tons of reasons why you need greensmoke e-cigarette or electronic cigarette.1. No flames or ash.2. No offensive or bad odours, that stick to your clothing, cars, etc ;)3. It makes you save a lot of cash when you compare it to traditional cigarettes 8) .4. You are FREE to smoke it anywhere you want in the airports, stadiums, toilets, even in the Church :D (hahahaha lol, you are alone when your pastor catch you)
5. Flavorful vapor for a smoke like feelings, without the ash residue :) .

6. Reliable long lasting battery

7. 1 cartomizer = 30 cigarettes

8. Incredibly easy to use

What Makes Greensmoke the Best e-cigarette Provider?

You might also be wondering why greensmoke is the e-cig maker right? Well every customer of a company will like this 3 things am going to list out and also offers this and even more which made them the best in their field, am also the best in my field :mrgreen: .

1. Free Shipping: Now those that love free things like me :D will be happy to here this, you get free shipping to your country. Unfortunately this offer is available for orders above $100. So if you need a free shipping on products purchased from or you have to make a purchase of over $150.
Note: This depends on your country of resident, we advice you checkout the shipping policy Here.

2. Lifetime Limited warranty: you will get a lifetime limited warranty on all batteries purchased at you can get more info about this Here.

3. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Here is the best part of the deal :D You get a 30 day iron claw, no question ask MONEY BACK. This applies to all kits advertised on the website and purchased at Read more on this.

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Before I ordered my Green Smoke® Starter Kit, I was an outcast. I always smelled like an ashtray, people wouldnt let me smoke in their cars and Id have to go outside, sometimes in the freezing cold, to smoke. Since I got my Green Smoke® Starter Kit I smell great! This is a breakthrough into a whole new world of clean, affordable, great-tasting, no-hassle way of recreational smoking!

I gave the Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes a try and I LOVED it. I bought a Starter Kit right away. I thoroughly enjoy my Green Smoke® e-cigarette, and I like these BETTER than traditional cigarettes! Green Smoke® e-cigs provides flawless performance, excellent battery life, TONS of vapor, and bold flavors. For my money, Green Smoke® has the best electronic cigarette on the market. Bravo! An e-cig company whos got it right!

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