How Do E-Cigs Work?

Unlike traditional cigarettes that are lit and burn, electronic cigarettes vaporize a liquid, meaning there is no harmful tar, no risk of fire, and no actual smoke. Inside the e-cig is a wick that draws the vape juice from the cartridge and sends it to the atomiser. When the user draws from the device, an airflow sensor is activated, and an electric circuit is created via the battery. Electricity flows to the atomiser, heats up the e-liquid, and transforms it into the vapor e-cigarettes are known for.

The vaporized solution of nicotine is transported into the lungs or mouth through inhalation. Remarkably, e-cigarettes work similarly as real cigarettes, however, without the notorious risks and disadvantages.

Components of Electronic Cigarettes

The basic components of e-cigarettes include an atomiser, a cartridge, a rechargeable battery, wired circuitry and a casing thats usually designed to emulate the appearance of a regular cigarette. The atomiser vaporizes the nicotine solution in the cartridge so a vapor is produced each time you suck on the cigarette. Generally, the vapor is a mixture of nicotine and a food additive known as propylene glycol. However, the vapor can come with or without nicotine. The act of using an e-cigarette has become known as vaping.

When you inhale the vapor, your lungs will respond in the same way as an ordinary cigarette. And when you exhale, some of the leftover vapor escapes into the air and disappears almost instantly.

Nicotine doses are contained in the cartridges, and you can choose to smoke with or without nicotine content. Some brands allow you to regulate the nicotine level according to your preference.

Many companies today allow customization of e-cigs through advanced kits. These kits contain individual replaceable items, such as increased vapor delivery and larger batteries, that allow you to personalize your smoking experience.

Same Overall Smoking Experience But Lesser Disadvantages

E-cigarettes resemble an ordinary cigarette. They have the same shape and appearance as a tobacco cigarette, but what prominently differentiates their outside look from a regular cigarette is the LED light at the tip. This light attempts to mimic the glow of burning tobacco. E-cigs can look like a stylish pen with bold colors, or they can look just like the real thing.

However, unlike tobacco cigarettes which have thousands of harmful chemicals and carcinogens, electronic cigarettes virtually have none. An e-cig simply releases a harmless water-based vapour. This vapour vanishes in the air in several seconds, thus eliminating the common nuisance caused by secondhand smoke.

E-cigarettes taste and feel almost exactly like tobacco cigarettes without the bad smell, tar, ammonia, carbon monoxide, and of course, no ash. There are various flavors of electronic cigarettes that you can choose from.

Ideal Alternative to Tobacco Smoking

Electronic cigarettes allow you to avoid the risks of tobacco smoking. Rather than inhaling pure tobacco smoke deep into your lungs, you simply vape on an e-cig which releases a practically safe water-based vapor. Since this vapor disappears into the air quickly, you also dont have to worry about secondhand smoke. Moreover, you can avoid other side effects of tobacco smoking such as bad breath and yellow teeth.

Electronic cigarettes continue to modernize the way people enjoy their smoke. With e-cigarettes, you can experience smoking in a much cleaner, safer and more convenient manner wherever and whenever you want.

Natalie Tudor, a lifestyle blogger, has been enjoying electronic cigarettes for more than a year now. She has a particular taste for the vanilla and apple flavour e-cigs!