How to Lower the Risk of Cancer for Your Dog

Research by food technologist, has proven that one out of three cancer deaths in dogs as well as humans can be prevented by reducing daily calorie intake in both and also reducing Omega-6 fatty acids. A well-known veterinarian Demian Dressler, also known as “the dog cancer vet”, suggest avoiding snacks and foods for both humans and dogs which are rich in Omega-6, food such as brain-feed red meat, corn oil and other vegetable oils. Over indulging in foods, which contain Omega-6 fatty acids can lead to inflammation, that after a period of time can lead to cancer.

Research has also proven cancer in both humans and dogs are very similar, the same cancer drugs used to treat humans is also used for dogs. Due to the life span of the dog, researchers will see the effects of the cancer drugs sooner and those findings aid in human cancer research as well.

High Risk Breeds

Sixty percent of Golden Retrievers, die of cancer, this is twice the average rate of cancer deaths in all the other breeds. A veterinary oncologist from West Chester, PA, K. Ann Jeglum has collected over 4,000 Golden Retrievers pedigrees and traced lymphoma as it travelled through previous generations.

Demian Dressler, DVM, has studied obesity in humans as well as dogs; the findings were that obesity limits production of adiponectin, which is a hormone that inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Not only does Dressler recommend reducing calories he is adamant when it comes to reducing sugar in all foods and treats, which you feed your dog.

Proper Diet

Researchers and veterinarians are encouraging manufactures of pet foods to consider the threat to the health of animals, while producing their products. Illinois University, Department of Animal Science suggests an ideal blend of 75 to 80 percent insoluble and 20 to 25 percent soluble fiber in dog foods. Researchers also suggest adding prebiotics to a dog’s food, which will enhance their gut health.

Additional Ways to Lower the Risk of Cancer

Daily exercise is very important to the health of your dog as well. Dogs enjoy interacting with their families, such as playing catch, with the children, running alongside your bike, jogging or just taking a couple of 30 minute walks per day. You will find daily exercise will not only make your dog healthier, but you will also gain a healthier body as well, while lowing both of your risk for cancer.

Guest Post:

Jessica Brown is the assistant to veterinarian and wireless dog fence expert, Susan Wright, DMV. Jessica writes articles to educate dog owners on dog dangers in and around the home.