How Working Out Can Make You Smarter [Infographic]

So, when is the last time you hit the gym? Weve all heard about the numerous health benefits even a small amount of daily physical activity can reap for us. But did you know it could also improve your test scores? According to the statistics, college students who worked out before class scored 17% higher on average. And those who worked out for at least 40 minutes increased their performance by a full letter grade. Even as children, students who exercised for 40 minutes each day had a 3.8 point increase in their IQ on average, while those who were not active saw no improvement. Additionally, in a study of 6th grade students, the fittest members of the class outscored average students by 30%, while the less fit children scored 20% lower than the average.

The mental benefits of regular exercise also continue on to adulthood. When it comes to the workplace, statistics show that regularly active employees were 15% more efficient than their non-active peers. As a result, a 50-hour work week for an average employee was equivalent to a 42.5-hour work week for the fit employee. Check out this infographic by Online College Courses to see why the next time you consider skipping your workout, you should also be thinking about the added brain boost (and potential raise) you could be missing out on as well.