Tips for Drinking Responsibly While Traveling Abroad

Many people report consuming more alcohol when going abroad. Drinking can be a great way to enjoy your trip. Are you planning to sample some of the finest Schneider Aventinus in Berlin or enjoy the nightlife in Amsterdam? There is nothing wrong with drinking a little on your trip, but you need to do so responsibly if you choose to do so.

It is Easily Possible to Drink Too Much on Vacation

Many travelers think it is impossible to drink too much on vacation. That attitude can always get you into trouble and can be especially dangerous when you are abroad.

Here are some huge concerns you should take into consideration when you are traveling:

  • Think about medical care: You have no idea what kind of medical treatment you are going to receive when you are travelling. Not every country has the same medical standards you may be accustomed to. Also, foreigners with an international health insurance policy may not be afforded the same standards of care. Make sure you understand the risks before you start getting drunk.
  • Local drinks may be stronger than you think: You may have heard wonderful things about some of the local beers. Kolsch is a famous German beer that is rarely available in the United States, the United Kingdom and a number of other countries. While they may taste great, many of these beverages are popular for another reason: their high APV. You probably have a good sense of how much of your favorite drinks you can handle back home. However, you won’t know how well you can tolerate a local beer while traveling. It is probably best to get used to it before you are traveling.
  • Don’t always try to keep up with new friends: Some of the people you meet on your trip may ask you to join them at their favorite bar or one of the local clubs. There is nothing wrong with having fun with your new friends. However, you need to be aware of your own tolerance levels. Some countries have made alcohol taboo. Other cultures drink more regularly and don’t demonize alcohol as much. You may find that the locals tend to have a stronger tolerance than you. Keep that in mind if they ask you to join them in any of their festivities.
  • You are at greater risk as a foreigner: Foreigners are much more likely to be the victim of robbery or a violent crime. Criminals tend to look towards foreigners because they don’t have as many safety nets. Drinking alcohol can make you a bigger target. Many confidence artists will target drunken people in pubs. Foreigners are also at a particularly high risk of being kidnapped. Make sure you understand the dangers when you are making drinking decisions.
  • Understand local laws: Drinking laws may be much different when you travel abroad. People often have misconceptions about how lenient drinking laws are in Europe. Make sure you understand the laws before you travel. Ignorance of the law is never an excuse for breaking it.

Be careful not to make bad drinking decisions when you go abroad. Drinking abroad can be more dangerous, so don’t let yourself think that you can get too loose on your trip.