Top 5 Healthy Ways to Cook Fish

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Fish is always cooked either with oil or butter and this makes it an unhealthy food preparation especially if you love fish. Fish is one of the healthiest sources of protein, but cooking it the unhealthy way like frying can just turn this sumptuous protein source to an unhealthy food choice. So to turn fish into a healthier option, here are some of the top ways to cook fish recipes at home:

Cook Fish


Grilling is a good way to cook fish because you tend to eliminate cooking oil and grilling just burst the flavor inside the fish making it very flavorful. When grilling, pay special attention on the cooking time because most fish only takes a few minutes to cook. You would not want to burn the fish because too much soot may also be harmful. When grilling, also place the fish at the edge of the grill avoiding the hottest part of the flame. When the fish starts to release juice, it’s a sign that the fish is almost done. You can also check for light grill marks on the side and flip on the other side. There are various grilled fish recipes that you can check online.


Poaching is also an excellent way to cook fish and seafood. Poaching keeps the fish moist, which preserves the true flavor of the fish. For more flavorful poached fish, you can use chicken or vegetable stock. You can also use homemade broth from flavorful spices and herbs. Make sure that when poaching, you only pour liquid that is enough to cover the fish and don’t put too much liquid. When the broth has already boiled, turn off the heat and keep the fish covered.


Steaming is a gentle way to cook fish. It is actually very healthy because you rarely put a lot of condiments on the fish when cooking. Rubbing chopped herbs and spices is already enough to keep the flavor in the fish. You may use a bamboo steamer for more flavors. Also, when steaming, the fish is usually well done after 10 minutes so don’t over steam your fish. Serve your steamed fish with a delightful sauce.


When you want grilled fish, but the weather is not that good for cooking outdoors, you can opt for broiling. The temperature controlled heat source in broiling can give you a nicely browned exterior in a convenient way. You can use foil to make the cleaning process easier as well.


Fish recipes can also be cooked through baking. Baking can actually be a substitute for frying if you want that crunch less the fat. However, make sure to watch out the amount of butter, mayonnaise, oil or cheese that you will use because using a lot can just turn your baked fish into an unhealthy dish.

Fish recipes can be cooked in various ways so instead of opting for unhealthy cooking methods, you can explore various recipes that are cooked by the above means.

Margarita Santos has been a nutritionist/dietitian for 5 years. She stresses the importance of using the right cooking methods aside from choosing your ingredients to make your recipes healthier. For healthier and sumptuous recipes, you can look into Shahiya Recipes online.


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  1. Margaret

    01/08/2013, 06:50 pm

    Awesome tips to cook fish in a healthy way! I love cooking as well as I love fish. I usually cook fish through steaming or grilling sometimes I also do frying but with olive oil. Would that still be unhealthy?

    • admin

      01/26/2013, 12:31 am

      Thanks for the comments.

      You should try to stay away from frying as much as possible – But olive oil is the healthiest way to fry since it’s rich in monounsaturated fats and some antioxidants.


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