What Is First Aid? And Who Is A First Aider?

First aid means any help that is given to an injured person or those that took ill suddenly, before the arrival of a doctor. Any first aider can do this by following some simple rules lay down by the doctors and in the hospitals.

The scope of the first aid is limited. It should be limited to emergency assistances cases only. This means that the first aider should never take up the responsibility of a doctor. He or She should only give simple measures essential to save a life, prevent further injury and to aid quick recovery of patients.

To approach the problem of first aid, avoid any waste of time and try to make full diagnosis immediately. Determine immediately whether first aid is essential or not. In finding out the matter with the injured, the following must be considered:

A. Signs:- Points about a case that may be seen, heard, smelt by observers. Things like swelling, bleeding can be seen.

B. Symptoms:- A sensation of which only patients are conscious.

C. History:- The storx of the case which can be obtained from the patient or eye witnesses.

Duties Of A First Aider

1. The main duty of a first aider is to apply first aid to an injured patient. In addition he or she should communicate with the doctors,hospital or police as the case may be.

2. He/she should decide how the patient is to be lifted or carried.

3. A first aider has to decide where the patient is taking to and also arrange transport.

4. He has to make a concise report to the doctor when handing the case over.

5. He also should stand by and help the doctor or police if need be.

Qualities Of A Good First Aider
A good first aider should have the following qualities:-

1. He should be observant(very important). This means that he should notice all symptoms or signs.

2. Resourceful: should make the best use of things at hand.

3. Gentle:should not cause more pain.

4. Tactful:should not alarm the casuality.

5. Cheerful:a happy expression inspires confidence. He should be humorous with the injured.

6. Sympathelic:should be comforting.

Principles Of First Aid

1. Give any special treatment required according to the nature of the accident.

2. Give rest, keep casualty in a comfortable position, and do not move casualty until you know what is wrong.

3. When the skin is broken, the wond should be covered.

4. When bones are broken, no attempt must be made to move the patient until the bones are rendered immovable.

5. A first aider must not apply treatment he has not been taught.

6. Severe bleeding should be given immediate attention.

7. Remove the cause of injury or danger whenever possible.

8. Give the injured warmth. Keep him warm to minhmise the chances of getting shock.

9. Death is not to be assumed because signs of life are absemt.

10. In major accident send for a doctor, stating a clear report of what happend. But in minor accidents send the patient to the doctor.

11. Do not fuss. Always be cool8-) and use encouraging words to the casualty.

With this you are good to go as a First Aider. Please also share this,thanks for reading.