Why e-cigarettes are so popular with Smokers

Smoking cigarettes has always been a hard habit to quit. With the banning of smoking in public places, anyone who was purely a social smoker has probably given up as it really is quite difficult to find a place to have a cigarette. But for really addicted smokers, the fact that you have to go somewhere outside or be segregated to have a cigarette isn’t enough to get them to quit.

The reason why electronic cigarettes have grown in popularity so much is that those who enjoy smoking and don’t really want to give up, but would rather not subject others to their second-hand tobacco smoke, have decided to start smoking e-cigarettes.  And the electronic cigarette UK consumers’ choice has been widened since more and more brands have been made available on the internet and it’s possible to get many different types and flavours.It’s easy to see the appeal of e-cigarettes to smokers, because that all-important hit of nicotine is still there, but without all the toxins that you’d find in a traditional cigarette – such as tar, carbon monoxide, ammonia, tar and all the other chemicals you find in tobacco smoke.

The thing that e-cigarettes can offer people who can’t give up smoking, more than anything is the habitual actions and feelings associated with smoking. If you use nicotine patches, you lose out on the habit of having the little white stick in your hand and being able to take a drag when you feel like it. Even the action of inhaling smoke is still present with the e-cigarette as there is a vapour containing the nicotine that hits the throat in the same way.

E-cigarettes still contain nicotine, which is one of the most addictive substances around. But the good thing about e-cigarettes is that they’re not doing any of the damage that a normal cigarette and the smoke it creates would do. While a nicotine addiction isn’t something to be encouraged, at least e-cigarettes present a healthier option than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes and they’re much more socially acceptable too.